Rally for Julian Assange from 2 pm to 5 pm (CET) on Sunday December 6 in the Königstraße nearby the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart and on the World Wide Web.

The Live Stream will be available from 2 pm (CET) on Tilo Jung’s Channel Jung & Naiv.

Save Julian Assange‘s life!
Peace Prize Laureate for Stuttgart 2020

From Stuttgart we call for a worldwide rally:

We invite everyone to extend the protective circle around Julian Assange and around press freedom in the Königstrasse / Stuttgart and on the World Wide Web.

With everybody joining us in Stuttgart or the virtual rally, the public’s attention will grow. Together we will increase the pressure on decision makers.

Together with Dustin Hoffman (Die Partei), Stella Morris (Julian’s partner), Konstantin Wecker (video message with music), Peter Grohmann and Eberhard Kögel (Die AnStifter),  Heike Hänsel (Die Linke), Margit Stumpp (Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen) and further politicians, actors of the civil society and the Theodorakis Ensemble Stuttgart, we will raise awareness and take a stand for the freedom of Julian Assange in a three-hour marathon.

The aim of the rally: Making visible an international civil society that demands Julian Assange’s freedom.

Julian Assange’s life clock is ticking – on 04.01.2021 the verdict on his imminent extradition to the USA will be passed in London.

United Nation‘s Special Rapporteur on torture Prof. Nils Melzer stated in a television interview with Deutsche Welle:

Four democratic states are joining forces – the USA, Ecuador, Great Britain and Sweden – to use their concentrated power to turn a man into a monster, so that he can later be burned at the stake.“

Julian Assange’s extradition to the USA poses a massive threat to press freedom in Western countries.

We count on your numerous appearance!

Free Julian Assange!